Senior Spotlight - Cara

Once and awhile, a parent would step through our doors and the first thing they say is, "That's my kid's picture on the wall!"

Not only does that make us feel great about our work, it also makes it extra special because we know they are returning clients. Parents love telling us about their past seniors and what they done since high school. We enjoy knowing where our photographs hang in their homes, office, and even cars!

Today we had a wonderful parent tell us about their son, whom we had photographed 2 years ago. The parent was quite surprised that we had used her son's pictures in our senior brochure that was sent out to all of our high schools. She then asked, "Will you use my daughter as a sample too?".

Although it's too soon to know how our senior program will be for 2011, we felt alittle spotlight could be made for her daughter, Cara.

Cara is an inspiring pop singer who we hope will make her way into the music industry. We wish you all the best in your senior year and beyond 2010.