FAQ's Senior Portraits

+ What do I get for the session fee?

Session fees are for the set up and time for the portrait engagement. It is based on the number of

outfits desired.The portrait images are posted in an online gallery to view and order.

+ How do I see my portraits?

You will be sent an email or text message with a link to your personal gallery. Follow the

instructions. Typically, you will use your student number for accessing your gallery and if there are

any personal discounts to be applied.

+ What about Digital Files?

When you purchase any digital file(s), you are granted a copyright release to allow you to print &

share them anywhere and anyway you like... no restrictions for personal use!

+ How do I make an appointment?

Schedule your appointment online in our appointment center


If you arrive without an appointment, we will do our best fit you in an open time slot if time

permits (First come first served).

+ Where will my Senior Portraits be taken?

Either in our office or at your school. Be very careful and not the location when you schedule your

appointment. Your appointment confirmation will also indicate the specific location.

There are limited appointments at our Vallejo Office Location.

If you have any questions please email customerservice@mylegacymatters.us

+ What do I wear?

On the day of your appointment, you will be photographed in your school designated yearbook garment as well as any other garments you choose.

If you plan to be photographed in the black drape you will need to wear a tank-top or a top that can reveal your shoulders.

If you plan to be photographed in the tuxedo, please wear a white T-shirt without any print on the front.

We provide the formal yearbook garments such as tuxedos, tux shirts and ties, Black Velvet Drapes and Cap & Gowns. The customer can opt to wear their own garment(s). Additional garments beyond three are $20 each.

If your school allows Student Choice, it must be within school guidelines. My Legacy Matters cannot be responsible if a school does not accept your image due to attire chosen by the student.

Note: Please check the yearbook requirements and deadlines for your school. It is the responsibility of the student to be photographed and make yearbook pose selection before the deadlines. Students not making their personal yearbook pose selection by the deadline dates will have the lab default image selected.

We reserve the right to select images to meet deadlines.

+ What should I bring?

Clothes, Props.....a great attitude and smile.

You will need a credit or debit card for the same day online order transaction. When you order and pay on the day of your session, we pay to ship the order to your home. After your portrait is taken, you will be able to view the images and select your poses and place your order.

+ How much is all of this going to cost?

Senior portraits are a personalized service and product. The total of your order will be based on the quantity of prints, digital files, special retouching and other services you may desire. Sales tax and shipping and handling are added to the order.

+ What are your payment options?

Payment Methods On the day of the portrait, we accept, cash, check, money order and credit cards. Online orders require the use of a credit or debit card.

+ What should I wear/bring for my personal outfits?

Long sleeves and solid colors (to keep the focus on you). Casual and Formal outfits. Letterman jacket, uniforms, class ring, and props that reflect who you are and how you like to spend your free time.

Make-Up and hair supplies (for touch-ups only), and any accessories.

+ What about glasses?

If you wear glasses regularly, wear them during the portrait session. However, glasses sometimes

cause distortions, reflections, and elimination of detail in the eye area of your portraits. We will

make every attempt to minimize the glare and reflection from your lenses. To eliminate any concerns

check with your Optometrist to see if you can borrow frames without lenses. We do offer Custom

Retouching to remove glare with additional cost.

+ What about my appearance?

In preparation for your session: Check your outfits for wrinkles and place them in a garment bag. Wrinkles will show in portraits. Do your nails (clear or neutral colors work best). Important for any close-ups with hands showing. Gentlemen, please shave as you normally would. Limit your exposure to the sun a few days before your photo session to avoid sunburns or tan lines.

Harsh tan lines are not included in the Basic Retouching. Avoid getting a new hairstyle or cut right before your session. Instead, select a comfortable style

you know looks good. Make sure to get a good night's sleep. Do your hair and makeup before you arrive. Avoid using glitter or sparkle make up on the face. Apply concealer and powder to minimize any blemishes and then stop worrying! My Legacy Matters

retouching will eliminate small blemishes and under-eye circles on your final order. Custom

retouching is also available.

+ What does my session fee include?

Your session fee pays for time spent with your photographer(s) at your session; yearbook formal

attire when required; a yearbook image for your senior yearbook pages. Plus all sessions include a

personal access code for viewing, sharing and ordering senior portraits on line.

+ What can I expect at my photo session?

Once you've checked in with the customer service representative, you are ready. Don't hesitate to ask questions or express what you want. We appreciate your personal guidance. Expect some poses to feel a little awkward, but TRUST YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER to know what looks great in a

finished portrait. Most importantly, relax and HAVE FUN!

+ How long will my photo session last?

The length of your photo session depends on the session option you choose (variety of outfit

changes, portrait styles, poses, etc). We count on our guests arriving 15 minutes prior to

appointment for check in. In fairness to all of our guests, we may have to reschedule an appointment

if you arrive 15 minutes late to your scheduled appointment.

+ How do I order my portraits?

All ordering is on-line in your personal gallery. Use your STUDENT NUMBER to access your

gallery. Due to the required yearbook pose, attire and backgrounds, you must follow your schools yearbook guidelines for your yearbook pose selection. We reserve the right to change your selection to meet school and yearbook requirements. Email: Customerservice@mylegacymmatters.us or Call Customer service: 707-297-7304 for order

assistance if needed.

+ How many poses can I order from?

You may order from as many poses as you like. The package you select may have pose quantity


+ How long will it take to receive my finished portraits?

From the time My Legacy Matters receives your order, allow two weeks for delivery. *Please plan


+ What does retouching include?

All portraits in your package order have complimentary retouching to reduce blemishes. Premium and

Custom retouching is available upon request (fees do apply) and can remove all blemishes, plus

whiten teeth, even skin tones, soften lines, remove braces, eye bags, glass glare etc. Yearbook pose will only have basic minimal retouching unless portrait order or special requests are

done and complete 3 weeks prior to deadline. Be aware of your deadlines.

+ What if I can't attend my appointment?

Use your customer portal login to modify information or cancel your appointment. Alternatively,

please call 707-297-7304 to cancel 24 hours prior to your appointment. You are limited to one

appointment at a time. Existing appointment must be cancelled to reschedule an appointment.

+ How long are my images kept on file?

My Legacy Matters lab will keep your digital image on file for your seniors entire school year.

+ How will my registration information be used?

You can view our Privacy Policy here

+ How long will the portrait process take?

Please allow up to 1.5 hours (from your appointment time) for check-in & photography.

Remember to schedule an appointment.

+ Which pose can I submit for my yearbook picture?

If your school requires the tux or drape as the only approved yearbook outfits, you must submit an image that includes the standard background.

If your school allows any outfit to be submit, you must adhere to the yearbook and dress code policies of the school.

Failure to submit the proper yearbook pose will result in ABC making a selection to meet yearbook deadlines and policies.

+ Does my yearbook and package pose have to be the same?

No. You can submit a different pose for your yearbook and package.

+ What is the process for viewing my poses?

Your poses will be available for viewing and sharing 4 business days after your appointment. You must choose the poses for your purchase within 30 days of posting.

+ When will my package be shipped?

Portrait orders are custom produced. Therefore, all delivery dates are estimates. The average delivery time is 3 weeks after your package poses are selected online and the order is paid in full.


Order by 11/15 for delivery by 12/15 Order by 05/01 for delivery by 05/30

+ What’s my yearbook deadline?

Yearbook deadlines are defined by your school, and may change. You should make your appointment and submit your poses early to make sure you get in the yearbook.

On the last day of photography we do not accept yearbook pose submissions, so a pose will be selected for you. Avoid putting it off and come in early!

+ Can I retake my portrait?

We stand by our work! If you’re not satisfied with your portraits, contact our office so that we may remedy your concern. Retakes requests must be made within 10 days of your session. A retake fee of $35 may apply for issues beyond our control.

+ Does sales tax apply?

Sales tax is added to all print orders. Digital download files do not require sales tax. Digital orders delivered on CD or other media require sales tax. We have it all built in to the order system.

+ Can I cancel my order?

Unfortunately, once an order is entered into the online system, it cannot be cancelled. Production begins immediately. However, if there is an error or correction to an order needed, please contact our office so that we may remedy your concerns.

Print Package Cancellation Terms: If your package has been shipped, you must return the package for a refund. You are responsible for return shipping fees.

Digital Downloads: Orders with Digital downloads or emails cannot be cancelled.